Over 40 years of experience in swimming, Marcelo had develop a curriculum of aquatic skills that every person needs to be safe around the water.

As a foundation of my program, these skills allows students to learn correct swim stroke techniques, which allow them to be confident in the water and in any environment ( Pool, lake, ocean ).

To be a successful swimmer doesn’t need to hard and doesn’t depend on age of the student, from babies to adult this program is base on a personalize needs for each individual.

Below are some of the skills that I will work during the lessons depending on the skills level.

  • Getting comfortable in the water
  • Breathing and buoyancy techniques
  • Floating, gliding, kicking, to prepare them to learn a full stroke.
  • Treading water
  • Learning and practicing front and back strokes.

For advance adults and kids

  • Butterfly stroke, flip turns and diving.
  • Taking time to perfect the already establish swimming skills. With videos and different methods.

For triathletes and open water swimmers

  • Work on endurance and fitness in the water.
  • Analyze under water videos to be more efficient in the swim.